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Our Declaration of Independence

On this Independence Day, consider the virtue of independence in your own personal life.

Great American, and Russia-born, author Ayn Rand expressed the essence of independence at such a personal level, when she wrote in For the New Intellectual:

“Independence is the recognition of the fact that yours is the responsibility of judgment and nothing can help you escape it—that no substitute can do your thinking, as no pinch-hitter can live your life—that the vilest form of self-abasement and self-destruction is the subordination of your mind to the mind of another, the acceptance of an authority over your brain, the acceptance of his assertions as facts, his say-so as truth, his edicts as middle-man between your consciousness and your existence.” – “Galt’s Speech,” p. 128; via Lexicon.

In that context, including your life, and in light of the present conditions within the United States, listen again to The Declaration of Independence, and in particular the violations of individual rights committed by the English King.


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Quick Hits 3/17/2010

My eyes are green so no pinching me today.

>> Education <<

C-SPAN has recently posted their video archives on-line. I found lectures by Thomas A. Bowden, C. Bradley Thompson, Andrew Bernstein, and Yaron Brook. A search for “Ayn Rand Institute” found 6 entries, including Jeff Britting, Peter Schwartz, and Gary Hull.

>> Health Care <<

Andrew Bernstein, author of The Capitalist Manifesto and Capitalism Unbound, wrote: “If the government takes over health care, I will refuse to buy their package, refuse to pay the fine imposed, and make them arrest me. I will broadcast my refusal to cave to socialism on my website, on Facebook, to my students, in my lectures, and on the radio. I will fight this in the courts–or will the DC Fascists suspend the right to trial by jury? I suspect–and hope–that millions of Americans will do the same.”

Based upon survey results, the Medicus Firm reports “If health reform passes…7.4% of physicians stated that they would quit practicing medicine…21.8% said they would retire early, bringing the total loss of physician workforce to nearly one-third of physicians leaving medicine.”  This data raises several questions relevant to your life:

  • Have you asked your doctor whether he/she will be quitting?
  • If so, would you be able to find a new doctor?
  • Will the US need to import lower-skilled doctors, or may you need to travel to obtain medical care?

Health care legislation has not even passed the House yet, and they may not even vote upon the Senate version, but the Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli has promised to sue the federal government to challenge the constitutionality of the law.

>> Foreign Policy <<

Let us continue on the theme of the other day: the Obama Administration’s failure to improve foreign relations as promised.  At the Center for Security Policy David Satter–a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and a former special correspondent on Soviet affairs for the Wall Street Journal–makes two points about Russian-US relations:   (1) the reset/apology was misinterpreted by Russia as America admits its faults therefore there is no Russian faults, and (2) that Russia has become less cooperative with the US, even when it would be in Russia interest to do so as its leaders interest are not necessarily the same as the country.


I have seen increasing references to a new Obama Intifada of Palestinian violence.  Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has been actively undermining our relationship with Israel and blaming Israel for lack of diplomatic progress in the “peace process war.”  Concurrently, on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV in Gaza, the Palestinians are indoctrinating their children to suicide missions against Israelis.  The below children’s cartoon depicts a young girl being kill while throwing a rock at an Israeli soldier, and through the act of her death the child wounds the Israeli.  How much concern do President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton express over the welfare continuing abuse of these Palestinian children by the Palestinian leadership?


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Quick Hits 3/12/2010

“The gullible are often the most dishonest. If they’re foolish enough to believe the big lies of others, then they’re foolish enough to expect others to believe  their own deception.” — Dr. Michael J. Hurd

Reaction to the recent Amazon tax in Colorado, demonstrates the demagogic aspects of public lies as an effort to use fraud to wield force against those that dissent. A collection of letters to the editor of the Denver Post demonstrates the echo effect. However, activist and scholar Diana Hsieh’s letter correctly identifies the issue:   “…I don’t blame Amazon. I blame our Colorado politicians for enacting an unjust law. They’ve made business through affiliates impossible in Colorado by  imposing a mess of costly red tape and taxes. Amazon is not just a victim in this mess, but the primary victim. Honest people do not blame business for  the sins of government.” At Free Colorado, Ari Armstrong goes into detail about how the Colorado statute violated the protections our federal constitution.

At RuleOfReason novelist Edward Cline reviews Al Gore’s defense of anthropomorphic global warming fraud and Gore’s financial interest in advancing disinformation. Cline writes in part,

Gore comes off sounding like a television evangelist claiming  that God exists, is all-merciful, and will forgive you your sins if you only obey him. The evangelist’s audience is composed of stunted minds for whom the  proofs that God is a metaphysical impossibility would roll off their frontal lobes like water off a duck. It is the same with Gore’s true believers. They must  believe, because they refuse to think and accept the evidence of their senses. These are the people, laymen and “scientists” alike, for whom faith is as  trustworthy as certainty. So many people believe in anthropogenic global warming (decades ago it was global cooling); who are they to question such an  impressive consensus? It must be true.

In response to Chief Justice Roberts recent comments, George F. Will attacks the custom of the State of the Union speech, and calls for a general boycott of the process. Will is entirely wrong, and his explanation demonstrates the second-hand nature of conservative thinking with its emphasis on non-essentials and deference to  the out-of-context thoughts and actions of the past’s titans. The defects of the current State of the Union practice is symptomatic of the defects of our  recent Presidents; Will advocates ignoring the symptoms as a solution to the problem. Of course, the defect is that the American people have been  selecting inferior individuals to be President.

The New York Times reports, for more than a decade, the Kansas City School board evaded the  reality of their failing schools, and now fiscal reality has resulted in a plan to close 28 of their 61 public schools. In the past decade, enrollment has been  halved as individuals chose suburban districts and charter schools as a solution for their children’s education. Fewer than 25% of the school district’s  students perform at grade level.

During his campaign, candidate Obama promised that his presidency would strengthen our relationships in the world. Recently, the European Parliament  responded to the Administration’s diplomacy, by ending  cooperation with the US in fighting terrorist financing, which reversed a major diplomatic achievement of the Bush Administration. Now, the Washington Post reports that Sec. of State Clinton is threatening Israeli  Prime Minister Netanyahu with weakening our bilateral relations, in an effort to compel him to negotiate with terrorists. The Obama Administration’s efforts to embrace our enemies and rebuff our friends have done the opposite of what candidate Obama promised. This reminds me of Jackson Diehl’s report that Administration officials had trouble identifying any foreign leader with whom President Obama had formed a strong personal relation and the most credible claim was Dmitry Medvedev, the puppet President of Russia…which makes sense as they have so much in common in that regard.

Paul McKeever, leader Ontario’s Freedom Party, reports on dishonest public budgeting and its tendency for cost overruns. In opposing public financing of the 2015 PanAm Games in Toronto, McKeever reminds the  taxpayers that the original budget for this year’s Vancouver Olympics was $874 million, which was exceeded by solely the actual expense of security,  while estimates for actual costs are $6 BILLION. Retrospectively, the anticipated and actual costs for Social Security and Medicare would demonstrate a similar duplicity, which could be exceeded by the enactment of PelosiCare.

Ex-Senate Parliamentarian Robert Dove (1981-1987) expounds upon the history of Senate rules that have been subject to dishonest political attacks upon the role the Senate plays within our constitutional system. He concludes that current issues within the Senate operations are not the fault of the rules, but the fault of the current Senators.


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Quick Hits 3/8/2010

“Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” — Frederic Bastiat  [HT:   Dr. Hurd]

Dr. Paul Hsieh considers the unlikely prospects of ObamaCare repeal based upon Mark Steyn’s analysis that the Dems will commit short term political suicide by passing health care “reform” as it will lead to the establishment of a long term patronage machine that will guarantee them future power.  As an alternative to Steyn’s analysis, Democratic passage of health care could destroy the party politically by creating an equivalent of the 1800 election.  This would require the Republicans to have the austerity of Jefferson’s Sec. of Treasury Albert Gallatin to overthrow the current budgetary spoils system and patronage schemes by eliminating specific programs, positions, and taxes in an effort to reduce the federal debt.  Come the next Congress, the choice could be the Republicans.  Realistically, they lack the integrity of Jefferson and Gallatin needed to take the necessary action.  Related to this lack of integrity, Amit Ghate makes the additional point that Republicans fail to rollback such statist programs, because they agree with their moral premise.

Robert J. Samuelson asks, “Will Millennials Become the Chump Generation?” He notes, “As baby boomers retire, higher federal spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid may boost Millennials’ taxes and squeeze other government programs. It will be harder to start and raise families.”  In addition, I note that they fail to recognize that health care “reform” is really a tax program to force the Millennials to pay more to cover shortfalls in Medicare financing.  Having bought into political indoctrination in school, the Millennials have supported expansive Dem lead government, which will rob the Millennials of their future…Suckers!

Virginia has become the first state to enact legal protections for its citizens from the proposed federal mandate that all individuals much purchase health insurance [HT:  The Lucidicus Project].  This is equivalent to the Kentucy and Virginia Resolutions of 1798, in that a state interposed itself in defense of individual rights against an unconstitutional federal law.  Historically, these resolves were significant as the first significant steps of the impotent minority Democratic-Republican party becoming the dominant national party in 1800.  Note:  I am not being a Republican cheerleader here.  Since the 2008 election with its Dem stranglehold on power, I have been concerned about developing parallels to 1800 as a harbinger of a fundamental power shift from the brain dead left to the religious right.

Artist Sylvia Bokor has recently read David Horowitz’s Rules for Revolution and reports how Saul Alinksy tactics are employ by the Obama Administration.  As description of the tactics, she writes, “…never say what you mean, always evade the entire context, never identify your actual goals…The truth does not matter. Facts do not matter. The only thing that matters is how much you can get away with…The goal is to destroy trust, to undermine cooperation, to confuse those who like you and to obliterate those who do not.”

Diana Hsieh gives an excellent short identification of the misuse of language to obscure intentions of violating individual rights and the proper reflexive reaction to such code words.


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Quick Hits 3/7/2010

In a recent post, Seth Godin repeats a quote attributed, perhaps erroneously, to Andrew Carnegie, “Take away my people, but leave my factories and soon grass will grow on the factory floors……Take away my factories, but leave my people and soon we will have a new and better factory.”  Focus on “my people” for a moment.  It isn’t all people or any people, but in fact, some people are better because of their thinking and ideas, not their muscles, and those people should be chosen.

In the Christian Science Monitor, Don Watkins and Yaron Brook make an important distinction between two types of businessmen:  the producer and the looter.  The producer creates value and trades for mutual advantage.  The looter seeks to use political favors to take values not freely given.  In the argument about the morality of businessman in general, this distinction is critical as not all businessman are the same, and the looter live like parasites upon the producers.  This last point is implemented by congressional and Administration proposals to tax successful businesses to pay for the bailouts of unsuccessful ones.

WSJ deputy editor Daniel Henninger has called for a return to the age of the robber barons wth reference to Burton W. Folsom’s book The Myth of the Robber Barons: A New Look at the Rise of Big Business in America.  Folsom segments the businessmen of that historical age into two type:  market entrepreneurs and political entrepreneurs.  Of which, the market entrepreneurs were the creators of jobs and wealth.  In contrast, our current political policies reward the political entrepreneurs who produce inferior results and depend upon political patronage.  Henniger observes, “If the price of rediscovering the American job machine is some people across the land getting really rich, it’s a small price.”

Sen. Lamar Alexander recounts some of the negative impacts upon customers from the proposed nationalization of what remains of the private student loan industry.  Omitted are the consequences for shareholders when corporate managers partner with government to solve public problems, which is the public theft of private capital.   Just ask the impoverished shareholders of GM, Sallie Mae, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Jennifer Merritt reports on interesting developments in economic forcasting using internet search and twitter data to track trends in job search activity, the housing market, and consumer purchases with supporting geographic segmentation.  In one case, MIT was able to predict home-sale volumes more accurately than the National Association of Realtors.

Soomo Publishing attempts to create innovative learning tools using web resources.  In the video “Too Late to Apologize:  A Declaration,” the lyrics reflect some specific causes for the American Revolution.  While it is no Sparrowhawk, this presentation does make an emotional connection missing from a class reader.  [HT:  Rational Jenn]


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has launched the “I am Free Enterprise” video contest with a $50k prize.  [HT:  Diana Hsieh]

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Quick Hits 3/5/2009

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it.” — Frederic Bastiat

If you anticipate blogging about issue in Venezuela, you may want to add the report “Democracy and Human Rights in Venezuela” (Dec. 2009) from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to your reference library.  About this report, a Washington Post editorial notes,

In meticulous detail, the 300-page report documents how Mr. Chávez’s regime has done away with judicial independence, intimidated or eliminated opposition media, stripped elected opposition leaders of their powers, and used bogus criminal charges to silence human rights groups…Particularly shocking is the commission’s account of the role that violence and murder have played in Mr. Chávez’s concentration of power…’Impunity,’ says the report, ‘is a common characteristic that equally affects cases of reprisal against dissent, attacks on human rights defenders and on journalists, excessive use of force in response to peaceful protests, abuses of state force, common and organized crime, violence in prisons, violence against women, and other serious human rights violations.’

In the past, when talking about Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism, I have cited statements from U.S. Central Command, Venezuelan air support during a FARC attack, and reports by Colombian officials amongst other things.  Via Counterterrorism Blog, Douglas Farah adds another references to Venezuela’s link to terrorism:  Eloy Velasco (a Spanish investigating magistrate) has found that ties between ETA and FARC run through Venezuela’s government.

Thomas Sowell laments that reporting and advocacy related to the health care “reform” debate fails to learn the lessons from existing government health care programs and those overseas; but he does not identify why.  To make such a comparison would require conceptual thinking and objective principles; however, such tools have been denied our political discourse by Pragmatism.  Successive generations of Progressive public education, based upon the perspective of Pragmatism, has lobotomized not only our politicians, but more importantly the electorate.  Without conceptual thinking and objective principles, we are reduced to whim and opinions, and blind action for action’s sake.

Chicago community organizer Joshua Hoyt criticizes his former colleague turned President for failing to keep his campaign promise to make immigration reform a first year priority for his Administration, while at the same time the Obama Administration has increased deportations.  In contrast President Bush, from the time he was a candidate through the end of his administration, pushed earnestly for immigration reform even against the opposition of his own party.  Personally, I agree with Harry Binswagner on transforming into an open immigration system for the U.S.

Little Green Footballs reports that the Pentagon Metro Station shooter appears to be an anti-government extremist.  In his chapter “Terrorism in democracies: Its social and political bases” (Origins of Terrorism:  Psychologies, Ideologies, Theologies, States of Mind), Ted Robert Gurr made a distinction that explains the recent (post-election) increased concern about and instances of right-wing political violence:

There are two main routes by which (some of the members of) such groups come to accept extreme means:  radicalization and reaction.  Radicalization refers to a process in which the group has been mobilized in pursuit of a social and political objective but has failed to make enough progress toward the objective to satisfy all the activists…Reaction is an analytically distinct process in which members of a regional, communal, or political group resort to terrorism in response to threatening social change, or intervention by authorities.  Whereas radicalization characterizes groups with future-oriented objectives, reaction occurs in defense of a group’s threatened rights or status. [pp. 87,89]

Whereas Gurr would recommend public policies of backlash against violence, deterrence against criminals, and political reform, I see that the Dems agenda is the opposite of political reform, which must be focused upon increasing Justice by using law to protect individual rights.

In Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand wrote, “When trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion – when you see that in order to produce, you need permission from men who produce nothing, when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you, when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed.”  [HT:  Free Enterprise]

The Competitive Enterprise Institute reports that so far this year more than 10,000 pages have been published in the Federal Register (contains new rules and notices), and it is on pace to exceed 60,000 new pages this year.  This prorated estimate does not account for Congress passing a major piece of legislation like health care reform.  At this rate, how can a reasonable person know what is and is not legal?

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Quick Hits 3/4/2010

Go check out this week’s Objectivist Roundup.  Topics include:  Francis Bacon and induction, parenting, selfishness, health care summit, and access to experimental drugs.

Maria Montessori wrote, “Discipline must come through liberty. . . . We do not consider an individual disciplined only when he has been rendered as artificially silent as a mute and as immovable as a paralytic. He is an individual annihilated, not disciplined.”  [HT: Rational Jenn]

In a opinion piece titled “Can the Moral ‘Narrative’ of ObamaCare Be Defeated,”  Dr. Paul Hsieh writes, “If we violate [our core principles of freedom and individual rights] in a vain attempt to guarantee ‘universal health care,’ we will violate the moral principle that each man is entitled to the fruits of his labor, instead enslaving each man to pay for his neighbor’s medical care. We will destroy the prosperity and innovation that make modern medicine possible.”

The fascist California Coastal Commission has harassed a couple for not getting the administratively correct prior permission to replace funishings in their own backyard with new ones as the CCC attempts to legally bully the couple into removing all iteams from that section of their own property.  Why?  So that the volk can seize that private property for their own viewing reserve.  In explaining why regulators must trample individual rights, the commission’s legislative director Sara Christie said, “If we start letting the law slide in individual cases, cumulatively the result of that will be a statewide loss of public access and coastal resources.”  I thought that the point of the law was to protect individual rights, and now bureaucrats seek to protect their own regulatory actions from individuals attempting to exercise their own rights.

Via Michael Wharton, in “The Roots of War” (CUI), Ayn Rand wrote, “If men want to oppose war, it is statism that they must oppose. So long as they hold the tribal notion that the individual is sacrificial fodder for the collective, that some men have the right to rule others by force, and that some (any) alleged ‘good’ can justify it—there can be no peace within a nation and no peace among nations.”

Adolph Hitler stated, and this idea is at the foundation of fascism, “This state of mind, which subordinates the interests of the ego to the conservation of the community, is really the first premise for every truly human culture….The basic attitude from which such activity arises, we call-to distinguish it from egoism and selfishness-idealism. By this we understand only the individual’s capacity to make sacrifices for the community, for his fellow men.”  I am trying to think of a significant national American politician who would disagree with these evil ideas expressed by Hitler and shared by the California Coastal Commission, but I can not think of one.

Via Leonard Peikoff Fanpage, Peikoff recounted, “When, as a college teacher, I would reach the topic of emotions in class, my standard procedure was to open the desk, take out a stack of examination booklets, and, without any explanations, start distributing them. Consternation invariably broke loose, with cries such as ‘You never said we were having a test today!’ and ‘It isn’t fair!’ Whereupon I would take back the booklets and ask: ‘How many can explain the emotion that just swept over you? Is it an inexplicable primary, a quirk of your glands, a message from God or the id?’ The answer was obvious. The booklets, to most of them, meant failure on an exam, a lower grade in the course, a blot on their transcript, i.e., bad news. On this one example, even the dullest students grasped with alacrity that emotions do have causes and that their causes are the things men think. (The auditors in the room, who do not write exams, remained calm during this experiment. To them, the surprise involved no negative value-judgment.)”

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Quick Hits 3/3/2010

As an extension of earlier reports that Global Warming Alarmism causes mental illness, now the Telegraph reports that it causes murder and suicide.  Three more bodies, including a child, added to Al Gore’s death toll in his path to kill more people than Rachel Carson.

The National Center for Policy Analysis reviews how Massachusetts’ universal coverage presages the price controls that will be implemented by ObamaCare.  However, there is another important lesson related to unintended consequences.  Massachusett’s policy is a consequence of presidential prospect Mitt Romney in action. Romney might be a brillant VC, but he fails to understand the fundamental difference between business and government policy, which facilitated the development of this corrupt program.  Romney should not be considered a viable presidential candidate until he can articulate the lessons learned from his failure, as in the consequences of following unprincipled pragmatic solutions to public problems.

David S. Broder observes that the defeat of HillaryCare was largely responsible for the Republican take over of Congress in 1994.  If this is true and both event reoccur this year (defeat of the health care proposals and Democratic loss of the House), does that mean that Dem leaders will learn the lesson and never attempt such broad nationalization of health care policy?  Not that the results of incrementalism would be substantially different to the quality of health care.

DailyFinance reports that some Chinese military leaders have suggested that China use its US bond holdings as a weapon to punish America over Taiwan.  Let me get this straight…they plan to sell the bond holdings at step discounts in order to briefly reduce the cost for investors to US bonds.  Next, are they going to threaten to burn bales of their dollar holdings?

As the US Dept of Education does not understand feedback as it forbids comments on its YouTube videos, I have to comment on its “Harvard School of Excellence–A Turnaround Model in Chicago” vid here.  The turnaround model has four implemenation steps:  1) Replace the Principal, 2) Replace Most Teachers, 3) Revamp the Curriculum, and 4) Renew the Culture.  What do these things have in common?  Student failure is rooted in public administration of schools, which is why around the world public schools require reform, but there are no calls for reforming private schools.


According to Leonard Peikoff, via Peikoff Facebook Fanpage, “Philosophy is a human need as real as the need of food. It is a need of the mind, without which man cannot obtain his food or anything else his life requires. To satisfy this need, one must recognize that philosophy is a system of ideas. By its nature as an integrating science, it cannot be a grab bag of isolated issues. All philosophic questions are interrelated.”

Via Ayn Rand Facebook Fanpage, Ayn Rand wrote, “The Objectivist ethics holds that human good does not require human sacrifices and cannot be achieved by the sacrifice of anyone to anyone. It holds that the rational interests of men do not clash–that there is no conflict of interests among men who do not desire the unearned, who do not make sacrifices nor accept them, who deal with one another as traders, giving value for value.”

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Quick Hits 3/2/2010

In response to failures in existing government run health care, some doctors will be posting signs on Monday, which state in part:  “Effective immediately, this office can no longer afford to accept, see or treat any new Medicare covered or Medicare associated insured patients…We will continue to see established Medicare patients in the near future, but this service may also be eliminated if the government does not repeal these cuts soon.”  It is well worth reading the entire sign as it explains the reasons.  [HT:  Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine]

Speaker Pelosi demonstrates why Democratic legislative leadership has failed despite having had a super-majority in the Senate, when she said, “A bill can be bipartisan without bipartisan votes,” and about her own performance this year, “I think I get an A for effort.”  Having demonstrated her failure as a leader, the House Democratic caucus should depose her well before the fall elections as she intends to take her colleagues over a cliff.  I thought that maybe I had gone to far with the cliff remark, but then I read that the Speaker had said on ABC that members should vote for health “reform” inspite of it leading to their defeat in the fall.  Will the lemmings follow?

In reviewing symptoms related to the President’s decline, Victor Davis Hanson omits the more fundamental cause.  Candidate Obama was selected by the super delegates to be a congressional spokesmodel, without an independent agenda and power base.  Essentially, they selected an empty suit to occupy the presidency so that the legislative branch could run wild, as it has.  Because he lacks an independent self in his utter selflessness, the President’s personal references (I, my) in speeches ring hollow.  Obama lacks the personal characteristics that John Adams identified as necessary in the singular executive.

In 1924, H.L. Menchen wrote, “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality.” [HT: Bradley Harrington]

At History News Network, Michael Kranish is rehashing and lending credibility to claims of cowardice against Thomas Jefferson, while he was Governor of Virginia in the Revolution.  Having almost completed Dumas Malone’s Jefferson and His Time, I am aware that the myths about Jefferson’s cowardice as governor have already been refuted.  Ironically, during the War of 1812, Alexandria was surrendered without a fight by one of the individuals guilty of furthering these erroneous claims for political ends.  I am amazed how historians are apt to, and teachers repeat to their students, uncritically reserect Federalist propaganda which has been debunked by serious scholars.

According to Leonard Peikoff, via Peikoff Facebook Fanpage, “The most eloquent badge of the authentic Objectivist, who does understand Ayn Rand’s philosophy, is his attitude toward values. An Objectivist is not primarily an academician or a political activist (though he may well devote his professional life to either or both pursuits). In his soul, he is essentially a moralist or, in broader terms, what Ayn Rand herself called ‘a valuer.'”  Interesting quote in that I have described myself for years as a “passionate valuer.”

Via the Loving Life Facebook Fanpage, Craig Biddle wrote, “To the extent physical force is used against people, their ability to function as human beings is impeded if not eliminated. If the force is total–such as in the case of a person being tied to a tree, or held at gunpoint, or placed under house arrest, or carted off to a concentration camp–the…n it precludes the possibility of human life altogether. And if the force is partial–such as in the case of a person being defrauded, or a doctor and patient being legally forbidden to contract with each other, or a software company being legally forbidden to produce and market its goods according to its own judgment–then it retards human life to that degree. In any case, when physical force is used against a person, he is unable to act fully according to the judgment of his mind; thus, he is unable to live fully as a human being.”

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Quick Hits 2/28/2010

What is in the $15 billion Senate jobs bill?  The Washington Post reports, “The centerpiece of the jobs measure is a $13 billion program to give companies a break from paying Social Security taxes for the remainder of the year on new employees.”  This is a tacit acknowledgment that employer Social Security taxes are a disincentive for hiring and reduce American jobs.  Instead of actually removing government created disincentives, this proposal falsely claims to create incentives by targeting relief from government’s compliance cost upon our economy.  Further, this contradicts the proposed policy of paying for health care “reform” through higher employer payroll taxes, which actually mean lower employment.

In the 60s, the AMA was against socialized medicine; now it supports it.  Actor Ronald Reagan reads a pretty good analysis of the practical causes and effects of government interference in medicine.


In a 1993 speech titled “Health Care Is Not a Right,” philosopher Leonard Peikoff gave a more fundamental analysis of the moral issues in contention over the HillaryCare of that day, which begins:

Most people who oppose socialized medicine do so on the grounds that it is moral and well-intentioned, but impractical; i.e., it is a noble idea — which just somehow does not work. I do not agree that socialized medicine is moral and well-intentioned, but impractical. Of course, it is impractical — it does not work — but I hold that it is impractical because it is immoral. This is not a case of noble in theory but a failure in practice; it is a case of vicious in theory and therefore a disaster in practice.

Recently Ontario’s Freedom Party Leader Paul McKeever observed that animals have better access than humans to MRI’s under Canadian medicine.  However, in this video, ReasonTV points own that American animals have better access than humans to health facilities because of federal mandates and state regulation of human health care.


Rep. Paul Ryan analyzed the fiscal irresponsibility of the Dems health care “reform” proposals [HT:  Betsy Speicher]


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