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Palestinians Do Not Really Recognize Israel

After reading the confession of a Fatah leader that the Palestinian Authorities recognition of Israel is a non-binding fraud to get international aid, I sent the following to my congressman (HT:  Jihad Watch):

Congressman Wolf,

Thank you for your recent efforts related to CAIR and the FBI, the textbooks of the local Saudi school which graduated an aspiring presidential assassin, and the nomination of Charles Freeman.

Continuing in this vein, I would like to draw your attention to an interview in which Muhammad Dahlan (a senior Fatah leader) stated that Fatah does not recognize Israel and that the official position of the Palestinian Authority is a non-binding charade to get international aid.


It is time to end this fraud and end American assistance to the Palestinian Authority.  The Oslo Accords are a failed experiment that should no longer waste American taxpayer money.

If you judge that it is in American interests to continue aid to the residents under the Palestinian Authority, I think that we could agree that such funds should only be disbursed to NGOs not integrated with terrorist organizations, which would exclude funding to Hamas, Fatah, and the Palestinian Authority.

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Lack of Video Images from bin Laden

Related to bin Laden’s latest communication, Jihad Watch asks “if he isn’t dead, why not a videotape?

I expect that there are several reasons that there was no video.

1) The terrorist intelligence services (a.k.a. the main street media) did such a good job explaining how our intelligence services obtain clues from the video backgrounds. Now, al Qaeda knows that audio reduces the risk of unintended disclosures.

2) Paranoia as Massoud was killed by al Qaeda using a bomb hidden in a video camera.

3) Itinerant life requires that he pack lightly.

4) Audio may be a more accessible format to a wider spectrum of his intended audience. This format was used by Khomeini while in exile to establish the foundations for the Iranian revolution.

5) There are no advantages for him to use video instead of audio.

In summary, for bin Laden, the risk-reward equation disfavors video; however, so that he can become the next face of jihad, the same is not true of al-Zawahiri. Meanwhile, the video obsessed media assumes that the lack of it is a sign of weakness, but it may be a sign of strength as audio expands his broadcast bandwidth into areas that our counter-efforts do not reach.

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US Govt Aid to Terrorists?

I sent the following message to my congressman after reading how a teacher and school headmaster employed by the UN was also a terrorist bomb maker:

Rep. Wolf,

A Reuters report from last year, which I came across recently, has me concerned that the United States government is providing financial support to the terrorists that we fight.

The Bush Administration has been more successful than any prior one in getting co-operation from our allies in curtailing international financing of terrorism through private charities. However, in our humanitarian expenditures, has our own government and its agents like the UN financially aided the terrorists?

The new administration has promised increased humanitarian aid, and indicates that this would help reduce terrorism. However, to paraphrase that great American Donald Rumsfeld, are our public humanitarian dollars creating more terrorists than they are stopping?

As the ranking member of the House Appropriations subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations, I would expect for you to have an idea of how many enemy terrorists are being financed by the money you appropriate.

Apparently, the Israelis were aware that a UN employee was a chief bomb maker for Islamic Jihad. If UN employees and aid recipients were subject to post hoc screening by intelligence services, could this prevent our financing their terrorist activities?

As our more intrusive oversight over our own money would be unwelcome, we should thoughtfully terminate our humanitarian funding that counterproductively undermines vital and important American interests.

The relevant story from Reuters
Gaza Headmaster was Islamic Jihad ‘Rocket-maker’ by Adam Entous 5/5/2008

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War on Our Innocent Citizens

Abandonship42 from New Orleans has made a moving video about how our War on Drugs has negatively impacted himself, his neighbors, and their community. While not offering an actionable integration, the commentary effectively identifies the problem.


I especially appreciate the point that the do-gooders that support prohibition are morally responsible for the violence. I would add that they are also responsible for financing terrorism (for example, see Hezbollah and Taliban).

Prohibition does not stop self-destructive people from killing themselves with drugs, but it does create an environment in which innocent individuals are killed frequently.

We need to stop “sacrificing” the innocent to the false promise of using force to save drug users from themselves.

The political lure of this quick fix appeal to force to solve a volitional problem could be addressed with policy alternatives that did not wash our streets in blood.

Friends and family concerned about the psychological disorder manifest in debilitating addiction and habituation should have access to involuntarily commit drug abuser who are a danger to themselves and others.

Criminals who violate the rights of others by their choice to allow their mental faculties to be out of control should not be eligible to plea mitigating circumstances to excuse themselves.

Employers with a rational concern for liability should be able to test for drug use and discriminate against drug users in hiring.

Currently, the consequences of drug abuse have been shifted to the innocent; a reasonable policy would firmly fix the legitimate consequences for their own choices upon the drug users.

UPDATE 12/2/2008: FreeColorado observes that Dec. 5th marks the 75th anniversary of the repeal of alcohol Prohibition.

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Majlis 2.0

Listening to State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack’s explanation of how technology can be used as another enhanced and bidirectional channel for the sharing of information and the growth of understanding, I was struck by the parallel between this tool and the Arab majlis.


As described by Bill and Springborg,

The existence of an informal assembly (the majlis) in the traditional Arab world enabled individuals from all walks of life to approach their leaders directly for assistance and aid. This kind of personalized institutionalization [including hierarchical associative networks] resulted in numerous channels of communication through which demands and grievances moved upward to the political elite while orders and policies poured downward to the middle and lower classes. In this system, grievances could be aired and demands could be heard. The political elite, however, enjoyed the prerogative of action and redress. The petitioners lacked the power to guarantee the satisfaction of their demands. [Politics in the Middle East (5th edition), pp. 13-14].

While Arab governments have embraced communication technology to create unilateral information distribution, current technology as demonstrated by Briefing 2.0 provides the opportunity for scalable substantial communication between the citizens and their political leaders consistent with Arab political culture.

I hope that State recognizes the opportunities that this model offers in fostering political reform and accountability in the Middle East.

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Pravda American-style

In the bad old days of communist Russia (perhaps today as well), Russians reading their media news sources had to learn to read between the lines to figure out what was really happening.

While current American media news sources are free from government coercion (at least until the Democrats can change that condition), there exists a self-imposed ideological blank-out in the news.

Recently, I was explaining on-line to someone in South Korea that Americans from experience are aware that educated Muslims who self-identify as being Muslims before being Americans are too frequently the supporters of terrorism and potentially actors in terrorist violence. While this is true, I was momentarily struck by the realization that this is not what the media reports but that these facts are understood by what the media omits from its reporting.

A classic example of this in a non-terrorism related crime story would be the police searching for a rape suspect who is black, but the local media does not report this identifying characteristic. Thus, when the media failed to report the race of a rape suspect, it is understood by viewers that the suspect was black because that was the only time they would make such an omission.

Currently, in the case of an apparently random act of violence, the media omits or de-emphasizes reporting names, ethnicity, and religious affiliations when the suspect is Muslim. In a time when we are at war with Islamic extremists and al-Qaeda is becoming increasingly influential as a loosely affiliated network inspiring others to commit random acts of violence, such Islamic characteristics by suspects in violent crime is essential to an objective report of the incident.

If I were a Muslim, I would find such blank-out reporting of relevant facts offensive and dangerous on two levels. First, as I parent, I need to know how to protect my children from coming under the influence of these types of extremists, so I need to know as much about them as possible. Second, by failing to expose to the public the differentiating criteria between these Islamic extremists and regular every day Muslims in America who are our friends, neighbors, and co-workers, the media distributes ignorance instead of practical information relevant to our lives.

In America, this phenomenon of reading between the lines of news reporting is not limited to these cases but is a more general condition that is not a new problem. However, it is important to recognize it as this flaw contributes to many avoidable missteps in public policy issues.

Perhaps, one day a smart business executive at one of the media organizations will recognize that they are marketing a defective product that is costing their business market share. In the meantime, as consumers of news, we will need to remain focused on objective principles and observation of reality as tools to help us read between the lines of the latest news report.

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Caution, Thought Police Ahead

As broadcast by Prodos, Finnish authorities have summoned Mikko Ellila to an interrogation over the content of his blog. They suspect him of having committed a thought crime.

Ellila reports that the police have targeted him because of what they call “…the anti-Muslim, pro-Israeli, pro-European, pro-American posts in [his] blog…[he is] suspected of ‘hate speech‘ merely because [he has] pointed out that Islam is a fascist ideology that advocates killing Jews, atheists, homosexuals etc.”

This case demonstrates that in so called “hate speech” laws that the hatred originates from the advocates of such laws against free speech. As Ayn Rand has observed “…evil ideas are dangerous only by default of men advocating better ideas.” [1]

As advertised, these laws are to restrict false and potentially dangerous speech such as anti-Semitism by neo-Nazis. However, the recourse to such laws, instead of verbal refutation, indicts the advocates of such restrictions and the legislators who authorize such a gross violation of the right to free speech. Note, as they expropriate the government’s monopoly on force in this area and advocate the violation of individual rights by government in general, they in fact share fundamental premises with the ‘haters’ these laws supposedly target, thus they are unable to advocate better ideas but only different versions of the same bad ideas.

In contrast, without recourse to force, Ellila actually attempted to refute a dangerous anti-life ideology (Islam) by advocating better ideas. While Ellila correctly identifies that Islam advocates the killing of Jews, atheists, homosexuals, etc., he is being prosecuted for publicly distributing statements or information that threatens or abuses some national, racial, ethnic or religious group or group of people. [2] Ironically, he is to be persecuted for peacefully and reasonably identifying those who violate that same law with impunity.

Several individuals have noted that this intimidation by Finnish police is unlikely to result in a conviction. Ellila has been defiant so he is unlikely to stop. The host of the blog, with its server located in the US (a free speech zone), has colorfully stated that he will not cave to a request to quash this content. In the end, this amounts to Muslims co-opting local officials to intimidate their critics through non-objective law, such as ’hate crime’ statutes. However, not for the purpose of protecting individual rights, but to wield force against non-believers.

As a matter of correct governmental policy, Muslims enjoy a freedom of belief immune from governmental restraint so long as they do not act to violate the rights of others. In the realm of public discourse, Islam has no and should have no protection from reasonable analysis and criticism by private individuals. Muslims appeal to ’hate speech’ laws because they know that their ideology is unable to hold up against reasonable scrutiny.

This persecution of Ellila demonstrates that this police action is unjust, that all ’hate speech’ laws and regulations should be repealed, and that more reasonable criticism of Islam by private individuals in the public square is needed.

Update 5/6/2007: Prodos has posted an update on the specific charges against Mikko Elilla as well as a translation of his offending post.

Elilla, without having received specifics of the charges against him from police officials, completely mischaracterized what he had written. Having read a translation of the cited post, it racism makes me ill. While it may be a youthful indiscretion, the ideas are evil. His analysis focuses on a non-essential attribute to analyze a serious public policy issue.

On a personal level, he has wrongly insulted my friends, my family, my children, and others that I love. If this was a mistake, Elilla owes not only a retraction but a contrite apology for this words. If he stands by his words, I condemn him as morally corrupt just as I do W.E.B. DuBois, and for the same reason.

However, the Finnish government is still wrong to prosecute him in violation of his right to free speech. My earlier point holds true that because of the collectivism advocated by the Finnish government and leading political parties they are not capable of reasonably refuting collectivist arguments like Elilla’s or those by Muslims.

Elilla’s evil words should be dealt with by reasoned arguments by reasonable individuals in a forum free from coercion. Elilla should have the opportunity to consider such arguments and perhaps he if so chooses correct his ill-formed opinion. I would hope that all the bloggers who have taken the time to defend Elilla’s right to free speech could take some time to condemn what he said as well.

While Prodos has pledged to protect Elilla’s speech from official sanction my pulling down his blog, I think that it would be reasonable for Prodos to do so of his own accord as the collectivism articulated by Elilla violates the spirit of the Bernstein Declaration.

[1] A. Rand, The Objectivist Calendar, June 1978.
[2] Language of law based on translation by Vasarahammer via Gates of Vienna.

Extra Points

Baron Bodissey at Gates of Viennalists recommended next steps and contact information for the Finnish government if you would like to express yourself on this issue.

If you refuse to submit to Islam, get the T-shirt.

Image Source: SpreadShirt.com

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Breakup Songs

My indenture is done with minimal legal process remaining to sanctify the milestone of being relieved of a millstone. The past year I have been totally absorbed in the needs of the girls when not completing the Herculean tasks demanded by my past offense. Oh that Hydra what a task she was.

With the armistice signed and the ebb of hostilities, regret rears its head. Not regret for recent actions taken, but values lost long ago if they had really existed at all.

At the end of a twenty-year relationship, its time for twenty-year old breakup songs. Breakups have an odd time warp effect. It is not as apparent in a short relationship, but one‘s mind resets to before the relationship in many aspects.

I was not looking for breakup songs, at least not consciously, but simply wanted to find a distant memory of a song long lost to me by the band Marillion. The only thing I could firmly remember was a stack of Marshalls in the video. Thanks to YouTube, everything old is new again so I could rediscover “Kayleigh.”Also, I think my hair has time warped as I’m looking a little too like Steve Rothery (the guitarist) in the video.

The lyricsfrom “Kayleigh” really captures well my mood of nostalgia contrasted with the consequence. Thanks Fish…it begins:

Do you remember chalk hearts melting on a playground wall
Do you remember dawn escapes from moon washed college halls
Do you remember the cherry blossom in the market square
Do you remember I thought it was confetti in our hair

By the way didn’t I break your heart?
Please excuse me, I never meant to break your heart
So sorry, I never meant to break your heart
But you broke mine

Another of their later songs that grabbed me in this flushing mood when all is done was named after a traditional English holiday confection, “Sugar Mice.”

I was flicking through the channels on the TV
On a Sunday in Milwaukee in the rain
Trying to piece together conversations
Trying to find out where to lay the blame

But when it comes right down to it there’s no use trying to pretend
For when it gets right down to it there’s no one here that’s left to blame
Blame it on me, you can blame it on me
We’re just sugar mice in the rain

Reminds me of an all too familiar diversion of self-recriminations that is soon to end once the county clerk records the pending termination.

I must confess that I have been irritating Ms. Daisy as too often upon entering the car she finds Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” playing to which she orders, “Get over it!”

Since you been gone I can do whatever I want
I can see whomever I choose
I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant
but nothing
I said nothing can take away these blues,
‘cos nothing compares
nothing compares to you

But, Ms. Daisy misses the meaning I find from the lyric in the reason that nothing compares to It, and it ain’t good. Assung more recently, “Snap back to reality…” And with that hopefully, I move on from my bout with what I have referred to as a domestic terrorism situation.

Speaking of terrorism and the breakup songs for state sponsors of terrorism, YouTube has an integration of Pat Benatar’s song “Invincible” with 9/11 footage.

This shattered dream you cannot justify
Were gonna scream until were satisfied
What are we running for?
We’ve got the right to be angry
What are we running for?
When there’s no where we can run to anymore

We can’t afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It’s a do or die situation
We will be invincible
And with the power of conviction
There is no sacrifice
It’s a do or die situation
We will be invincible

“We’ve got a right!” “Conviction!” “No sacrifice!” “Stand up and face the enemy!“ Billie Jean for President!

Reporter: What do you say to the wives and children of all the terrorists killed when you invaded and conquered Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, and North Korea?
President Billie Jean: Fair is fair!

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Quick Hits 1/20/2007

In the spirit of the Ming Dynastyand Hadrian, there is a renewed movement in the world to wall lawless violence out. Americans are to extend fencing along our southern border [1]. Now, Kuwaitis are building a fence along its border with Iraq. As Palestan looks more like the gang ruled prison city from ’Escape from New York’everyday, I expect to see the Jordanians join the Israelis and become the next fence builders.

Defense (8/11/2003)

Image Source: Cox and Forkum

[1] Note: The principle cause of the lawless violence on our southern border is our idiotic immigration laws, which must be reformed to facilitate more legal immigration. I agree with Harry Binswangerthat we need “phasing-in open immigration into the United States. Entry into the U.S. should ultimately be free for any foreigner, with the exception of criminals, would-be terrorists, and those carrying infectious diseases.” Just in the same way as unworkable economic regulation in Latin America fosters the underground economy, our current system of unworkable regulation that obstructs legal immigration creates the current lawless environment. Don’t blame the immigrants; blame the law’s author Ted Kennedy and his strange bedfellow defenders, conservatives.

According to Wilfred Cantwell Smith, “The fundamental malaise of modern Islam is a sense that something has gone wrong with Islamic history. The fundamental problem of modern Muslims is how to rehabilitate that history: to set it going again in full vigour, so that Islamic society may once again flourish as a divinely guided society should and must.” Note to Muslims, Step 1: check your premises as Islam is the problem not the solution. Independent of external influences, the current civil war within Islam demonstrates that the community’s obedience to Mohammad’s ideology does not result in civil peace. As the Russians had to recognize reality’s punishment for adopting a false ideology of revealed truth, it is time for Muslims to abandon Mohammad and return to the source of their cultures past achievements, Aristotle.

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Quick Hits 12/29/2005

All I wanted for Christmas:

Image Source MacAdam/Cage Publishing

For the consumer, antitrust is about using the force of government to get that which one is unwilling to pay. Consider Senator Arlen ‘Thug’ Spector‘s comments, “As I look at what the NFL is doing today with the NFL channel with the DirecTV . . . a lot of people, including myself, would like to be able to have that ticket.” This comment was in the context of the Senator recommending that the NFL’s business practices be subject to the review of the FTC and Justice Department, unless the NFL gives in to his subjectivist whims.

When I saw the movie “Flags of Our Fathers”, my Objectivist companion commented in part of the negative focus on the war bond drives in that movie. Ironically, Ayn Rand co-wrote a screenplay for the movie “You Came Along” (1945) involving a romance with a war hero flyer on a war bond drive. Given how much I enjoyed “Love Letters” (1945), I think I will need to check out “You Came Along.”ÂÂ

Iranian military officials captured in Iraq during raid against terrorists. No kidding, now what is President Bush and Secretary of Bureaucracy Gates going to do about it? Whine, bitch and moan, but no real action. Too bad, no one took Secretary of War Rumsfeld seriously when he identified this problem long ago.

Ethiopia declares war on Somalia!ÂIronically, we used to cheer for the Eritreans against Ethiopian communists, now we support Ethiopia against the Somali Islamists who are supported by the Eritreans. Thus the Realpolitiks turns. The Ethiopian invasion of Somalis is U.S. foreign aid dollars at work against Islamist terrorists, something the anti-foreign aid conservatives should consider. Too bad the Islamish Party had taken over Turkey or we could have given Iraq to Turkey as a present for having been such a good ally in the past.

While I deeply respect Daniel Pipes, I dissent. In an editorial about how to end terrorism, he said that terrorism by al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, et al, does not flow from Islam. Instead he attributes it to political ideas. In contrast, Islam is a political idea that has failed. According to Islam, if everyone submitted to the same religion–Islam– then there would be peace. However, we are currently witnessing a Civil War within Islam. Whenever one Muslim kills another through terrorism, Islam has failed! As a political idea to avert violence through ideological conformity, Islam is dead.

In two years, I would like to have my youngest attending college. Will Founders College be an appropriate plan for a girl who loves knowledge but hates with a passion the irrationality and force of public school?Â

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