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My New MP3 Player

Although I have purchased four Ipods for my kids, I have never had an MP3 player. As part of my choices to increase my productivity this year, I purchased a Creative Zen 2 GB player, as it was compatible with the NetLibrary on-line audio book service offered by my local library.

Although I’m still having some trouble working out issues with permissions related to the library files, I just filled my player with lots of good stuff.

Since November, I have been accumulating audio files through my RSS feed that I have not had time to enjoy yet. Now, I have started copying these files to my player so that I can consume them during unproductive time driving Ms. Daisy, or multitask while doing things around the house like chores or painting.

What kinds of good things have I added to the player and will be adding to my life?

* Art lectures from the National Gallery of Art.
* Author interviews from C-SPAN.
* Interviews and commentary related to business from Wharton
* Philosophic answers from Leonard Peikoff’s weekly pod cast
* Interviews by Prodos on SolidVox

The player was like $50, but the increased access to great ideas is priceless.

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The Ways of Men

Said by actor Benoît Constant Coquelin (Cyrano in the original Paris production of Cyrano de Bergerac) to Eliot Gregory about playwrite Edmond Rostand:

    If Rostand’s play is the best this century has produced, and our greatest critics are unanimous in pronouncing it equal, if not superior, to Victor Hugo’s masterpieces, the young author has not stolen his laurels, but gained them leaf by leaf during endless midnight hours of brain-wringing effort–a price that few in a generation would be willing to give or capable of giving for fame. The labor had been in proportion to the success; it always is! I doubt if there is one word in his `duel’ ballad that has not been changed again and again for a more fitting expression, as one might assort the shades of a mosaic until a harmonious whole is produced. I have there in my desk whole scenes that he discarded because they were not essential to the action of the piece. They will probably never be printed, yet are as brilliant and cost their author as much labor as any that the public applauded to-night. [E. Gregory, The Ways of Men, Classic; Hat Tip: HBL]

What an incredibly wonderful quote! I want to find out if the rest of the book is filled with such treasures.

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