I heard today from a commentator on TV that Redskins’ Coach Mike Shanahan was looking forward to turning their bad record into getting “his” QB in the draft next year.  Although TV commentators are often full of it, I still need to throw a flag on that call by invoking the memory of Heath Shuler, a mistake that has haunted the franchise.

Consider the draft selection position of the Redskin QBs who started after 6th rounder Mark Rypien led the Redskins to Super Bowl victory.  There are a number of early picks there that brought no trophies to the Redskins.  While there are some early picks who led other teams to Super Bowls before becoming Redskins, there are just as many later round picks that led other teams to Super Bowls after leaving the Redskins.

** Subsequent Failed Redskin QBs (round/overall choice)**

Jeff George    1/1
Donovan McNabb    1/2
Heath Shuler    1/3
Rex Grossman    1/22
Jason Campbell    1/25
Patrick Ramsey    1/32
John Beck    2/40
Tony Banks    2/42
Todd Collins    2/45
Jeff Hostetler    3/59
Cary Conklin    4/86
Rich Gannon    4/98
Danny Wuerffel    4/99
Mark Brunell    5/118
John Friesz    6/138
Gus Frerotte    7/197
Trent Green    8/222
Brad Johnson    9/227
Tim Hasselbeck    Undrafted
Shane Mattews    Undrafted

Meanwhile, consider the Redskin’s Super Bowl winning QBs.

** Super Bowl Winning Redskin QBs (round/overall choice)**

Mark Rypien    6/146 [drafted by Skins]
Doug Williams    1/17  [drafted by Bucs, free agent to Skins]
Joe Theisman    4/99  [drafted by Dolphins, acquired from CFL]

Regarding the coach, CBS Sportsline chronicled Shanahan’s QB acquisitions.  Beyond bringing McNabb, Grossman, and Beck to the Redskins, he acquired former Redskins Gus “I hit the wall with my head” Frerotte for Denver and Jay Schroeder to the Raiders.  The most notable QB’s Shanahan acquired into his system were Steve Beuerlin, Bubby Brister, Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, and Jay Culter.  That list does not inspire confidence in his drafting a panacea QB early next year.

The Redskins focus for the next draft should not be replacing their current experienced QBs with an inexperienced one; instead, the Redskins should focus on positions where the Cowboys and Eagles have been able to exploit them (while 2-3 in division is an improvement, it needs to be better to see the offseason).

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