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Gov. Rick Perry v. the U.S. Constitution

There has been talk of Texas Governor Rick Perry running for President.

In response to a friend’s post asking whether people would support Perry, I commented that “Because of his previous comments about secession, I am unlikely to vote for him unless he repudiated them.”  My friend asked, “Why?”

Perry’s endorsement of secession is advocating the unconstitutional. I think that the Supreme Court got it correct in Texas v. White (1869).

In my judgment, Perry’s position makes him unfit to be President.

News report from the time:

“Gov. Rick Perry on Thursday stuck by his earlier statement that Texas can secede from the United States …”

“A Perry spokeswoman said Perry believes Texas could secede if it wanted.”

“I’m talking about states’ rights,” Perry said.

On this issue, I’m with Sam Houston, who was removed from the governor’s office over his opposition to Texan secession, and Perry stands with Jefferson Davis.

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  1. Hi Jim

    I just had a further thought on education.

    I accept that education is fundamentally a parental choice but I

    also know that there is a lot of incompetent parents out there

    who will not care about their child’s educational needs.

    Doesn’t this justify government run schools?

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