Evidently, threatening to kill students is not sufficient cause for termination of a teacher in NYC public schools.

A couple weeks ago, the NY Daily News reported:

A Brooklyn teacher busted for making threats vowed it would be “Columbine all over again” when she smuggled a machine gun into school under a trench coat, prosecutors said Saturday.

Three frightened co-workers were inside the teachers lounge with a sobbing Sabrina Milo, 34, when the arts instructor allegedly warned of a killing spree like the 1999 Colorado school massacre that left 13 dead.

Today the NY Times reports : (1) the grand jury decided not to indict her, (2) the teacher is on temporary reassignment pending school disciplinary charges, (3) the teacher’s attorney expects that she will be returned to her classroom, and (4) the teacher claims it was a joke.

Given zero tolerance policies in public schools toward students, which has resulted in a couple student suicides in Fairfax Co., it is amazing to see how this teacher remains employed, and that she expects at most a mean letter in her file.

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