Sen. Jim DeMint has demonstrated himself to be unserious about rolling back out of control spending by the Congress.  Today, he threatened to filibuster legislation to raise the debt ceiling unless a constitutional amendment is passed to balance the budget.

Consider that only a little over a week ago the Congress could have but failed to pass a balanced budget for 2010; further, a few days ago, the Republican controlled House could have passed a balanced budget for 2011, but again failed to do so.

It takes fewer votes to pass a balanced budget, or to override a filibuster, than it does to pass a constitutional amendment.

Like the empty rhetoric that will comprise DeMint’s filibuster speech, Republicans make empty promises about the panacea of a balanced budget amendment, when they should be focused on concrete and actual cuts in spending by the elimination of federal programs and real reform by a planned phase out of entitlement programs.

Under the current budget process without the requirements of balancing, our Congresses can not pass budgets on time and could not even pass a budget at all last year.

Adding constitutional constraints, which they already regularly ignore, will not magically develop integrity in our corrupt legislators.  Republican rhetoric is useless.  America requires legislators who will act upon principle (such as the enumerated limits on congressional powers) to actually cut spending.

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