The fool who lost 49 of 50 states in the 1984 election has suggested that the current Administration champion tax increases.

In a time in which Republicans control the House of Representatives, such a suggestion is beyond stupid and may qualify the former V.P as an insane person requiring state protection as he definitely seeks harm to others.

For those ignorant of the Constitution like congressional Republicans, all tax legislation must originate in the anti-tax-increase House of Representatives.

There will be no increases in federal taxes unless the Republicans betray the American people….as they have done before.

Mondale lies when he states that “Polls consistently show that majorities of Americans are willing to pay taxes…” as the truth of the matter is that the majority is more than willing for someone else to pay those taxes…the rich.

Aristotle identified the degenerate from of democracy that would result in tyranny was based upon the public confiscation and transfer of wealth through majority rule.  Our republic government has been corrupted by ignorant adoration of democracy, which has made us susceptible to democratic degeneration to tyranny.

Today, Americans must stand up for the productive against the government’s lust for the wealth of the more productive of our citizens; failure to do so will embraced the tyranny advocated by the party of slavery, the Democrats.

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