Many Americans were not informed why their tax returns are due Monday, instead of yesterday.

On Friday, the IRS was observing a DC holiday: Emancipation Day, which commemorates President Lincoln signing legislation to free the slaves in the District of Columbia.

A little over a year after the Democrats attacked Fort Sumter in their effort to continue slavery, the Republican Congress and President acted to peacefully rollback slavery through compensation, as had been done in most other places where slavery was ended.

Today, Democrats through arbitrary punitive taxation and regulation seek to impose slavery on all with bureaucratic overseers.  Unfortunately, current Republicans lack the integrity and courage to actually oppose democratic tyranny.

So today, let us celebrate and remember that Americans had acted upon our devotion to individual rights and respected the principle that no one could make a unilateral claim upon another man’s labor and life.

Also, if you have not already, see the Atlas Shrugged movie this weekend to identify the symptoms of today’s political problems; after that, and if you had not already, read the book to emancipate yourself from irrationality, duty, and collectivist lies.

Atlas Shrugged Audience Reactions,  Interviews by Ari Armstrong


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