The Prometheus Inquiry is a open think tank, in which educators and parents can participate in discovering enhanced methodologies for increasing educational productivity and achievement.

In doing so, we have a definitive orientation and set of values. Actual Reality exists and is knowable to us through our human faculty of Reason, which informs the process by which moral choices are made in order to realize the value of providing educational opportunities that will be meaningful to our students’ capacity to be successful in their own lives.

The Prometheus Inquiry is an incubator for the implementation of innovation aimed at increasing the productivity of educational institutions, teachers, and students.

At this time, through our website, our principle offering is the selective collection, publication, and integration of data related to reform, innovation, and trends in education.

Additional product developments are at the brainstorming phase. Potential future projects include:

  • An anonymous on-line discussion forum to facilitate an open and frank dialogue about the challenges facing our schools, classrooms, teachers, and students.
  • An implementation plan for offering remedial education at post-secondary institutions at lower cost by leveraging technology and non-tradition pools of instructors.
  • A franchise model for a tutoring service focused upon individualized educational goal planning, and supplementing existing public and home school offering.

However, at this moment, we are primarily watching, listening, and learning about problems and opportunities related to enabling educational excellence and student success. Please feel free to share your ideas and feedback.

What products and services do you wish were accessible to your students?

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