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>> Education <<

C-SPAN has recently posted their video archives on-line. I found lectures by Thomas A. Bowden, C. Bradley Thompson, Andrew Bernstein, and Yaron Brook. A search for “Ayn Rand Institute” found 6 entries, including Jeff Britting, Peter Schwartz, and Gary Hull.

>> Health Care <<

Andrew Bernstein, author of The Capitalist Manifesto and Capitalism Unbound, wrote: “If the government takes over health care, I will refuse to buy their package, refuse to pay the fine imposed, and make them arrest me. I will broadcast my refusal to cave to socialism on my website, on Facebook, to my students, in my lectures, and on the radio. I will fight this in the courts–or will the DC Fascists suspend the right to trial by jury? I suspect–and hope–that millions of Americans will do the same.”

Based upon survey results, the Medicus Firm reports “If health reform passes…7.4% of physicians stated that they would quit practicing medicine…21.8% said they would retire early, bringing the total loss of physician workforce to nearly one-third of physicians leaving medicine.”  This data raises several questions relevant to your life:

  • Have you asked your doctor whether he/she will be quitting?
  • If so, would you be able to find a new doctor?
  • Will the US need to import lower-skilled doctors, or may you need to travel to obtain medical care?

Health care legislation has not even passed the House yet, and they may not even vote upon the Senate version, but the Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli has promised to sue the federal government to challenge the constitutionality of the law.

>> Foreign Policy <<

Let us continue on the theme of the other day: the Obama Administration’s failure to improve foreign relations as promised.  At the Center for Security Policy David Satter–a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and a former special correspondent on Soviet affairs for the Wall Street Journal–makes two points about Russian-US relations:   (1) the reset/apology was misinterpreted by Russia as America admits its faults therefore there is no Russian faults, and (2) that Russia has become less cooperative with the US, even when it would be in Russia interest to do so as its leaders interest are not necessarily the same as the country.


I have seen increasing references to a new Obama Intifada of Palestinian violence.  Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has been actively undermining our relationship with Israel and blaming Israel for lack of diplomatic progress in the “peace process war.”  Concurrently, on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV in Gaza, the Palestinians are indoctrinating their children to suicide missions against Israelis.  The below children’s cartoon depicts a young girl being kill while throwing a rock at an Israeli soldier, and through the act of her death the child wounds the Israeli.  How much concern do President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton express over the welfare continuing abuse of these Palestinian children by the Palestinian leadership?


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