I know nearly nothing about autism.  While not impacted by the condition within my immediate family, I have worked with an very capable autistic man in the past.  Given reports that autism is being diagnosed more frequently, the future may hold more such interactions.

In one of its plot-lines, the new TV show “Parenthood” dramatizes a family’s experience becoming aware of their son’s autism, and learning how to adapt and support their son’s development.  While it is a learning experience for me, I can see this dramatization aiding extended families who are going through or have already been through actual experience with an autistic child.

On her blog “The Playful Spirit,” Lady Baker shares her own experience with an autistic son.  I was fascinated by how she used books to leverage her son’s abilities.

I have seen an interesting interview with Temple Grandin, where she discusses her book Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism.  It was very informative to me as she described in detail her own thinking process and how she understands it to be different from others.

Although I do not have the experience to evaluate the material, on their YouTube channel, in the past week, Yale University has posted a series of lectures from a seminar on autism and related disorders:

Treatments for Autism: Overview of Model Programs, Fred Volkmar [41:50 min]


Overview of Autism, Prof. Fred Volkmar [31:58 min]


Behavioral Treatments, Dr. Michael Powers [? min]


Parental Perspectives and Supporting Families, Alison Singer [53:49 min]


Communication in Autism, Dr. Rhea Paul [1:50:50]


Autism in Infants and Young Children, Dr. Kasia Chawarska [1:14:23]


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