“Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” — Frederic Bastiat  [HT:   Dr. Hurd]

Dr. Paul Hsieh considers the unlikely prospects of ObamaCare repeal based upon Mark Steyn’s analysis that the Dems will commit short term political suicide by passing health care “reform” as it will lead to the establishment of a long term patronage machine that will guarantee them future power.  As an alternative to Steyn’s analysis, Democratic passage of health care could destroy the party politically by creating an equivalent of the 1800 election.  This would require the Republicans to have the austerity of Jefferson’s Sec. of Treasury Albert Gallatin to overthrow the current budgetary spoils system and patronage schemes by eliminating specific programs, positions, and taxes in an effort to reduce the federal debt.  Come the next Congress, the choice could be the Republicans.  Realistically, they lack the integrity of Jefferson and Gallatin needed to take the necessary action.  Related to this lack of integrity, Amit Ghate makes the additional point that Republicans fail to rollback such statist programs, because they agree with their moral premise.

Robert J. Samuelson asks, “Will Millennials Become the Chump Generation?” He notes, “As baby boomers retire, higher federal spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid may boost Millennials’ taxes and squeeze other government programs. It will be harder to start and raise families.”  In addition, I note that they fail to recognize that health care “reform” is really a tax program to force the Millennials to pay more to cover shortfalls in Medicare financing.  Having bought into political indoctrination in school, the Millennials have supported expansive Dem lead government, which will rob the Millennials of their future…Suckers!

Virginia has become the first state to enact legal protections for its citizens from the proposed federal mandate that all individuals much purchase health insurance [HT:  The Lucidicus Project].  This is equivalent to the Kentucy and Virginia Resolutions of 1798, in that a state interposed itself in defense of individual rights against an unconstitutional federal law.  Historically, these resolves were significant as the first significant steps of the impotent minority Democratic-Republican party becoming the dominant national party in 1800.  Note:  I am not being a Republican cheerleader here.  Since the 2008 election with its Dem stranglehold on power, I have been concerned about developing parallels to 1800 as a harbinger of a fundamental power shift from the brain dead left to the religious right.

Artist Sylvia Bokor has recently read David Horowitz’s Rules for Revolution and reports how Saul Alinksy tactics are employ by the Obama Administration.  As description of the tactics, she writes, “…never say what you mean, always evade the entire context, never identify your actual goals…The truth does not matter. Facts do not matter. The only thing that matters is how much you can get away with…The goal is to destroy trust, to undermine cooperation, to confuse those who like you and to obliterate those who do not.”

Diana Hsieh gives an excellent short identification of the misuse of language to obscure intentions of violating individual rights and the proper reflexive reaction to such code words.


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