Little Green Footballs cites a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center about the increase in right-wing extremist groups and associates this problem with John Patrick Bedell, the Pentagon Metro Station shooter.  In part, the report observes that, “The radical right caught fire last year, as broad-based populist anger at political, demographic and economic changes in America ignited an explosion of new extremist groups and activism across the nation.”

The identification of right-wing political violence has been made, but it is a symptom of a disorder within our polity.  The question is “why is it increasing?”

I attribute it to an increase in Injustice, which is being implemented by government encroachment upon civil society.

When people choose to work through government, we essentially ask, “How can we use force to solve this problem?” which is perfectly correct when it comes to the use of retaliatory force used to protect individual rights.

When people choose to work through civil society, we essentially ask, “How can we through free association solve this problem or seize that opportunity?” which is the correct method for most social cooperation.

Using health care “reform” as an example, the actual question being asked is “How can we force dissenters into a shared risk pool so that we can cover revenue and resource short falls in existing government health care schemes?”  This exemplifies the injustice that delegitimized a government by distracting it from its legitimate functions, such as administering an objective court system for resolving disputes, such a medical malpractice claims.

The legitimacy of a government is essential for maintaining its legitimate monopoly on force.  That legitimacy requires government to be exclusively focused upon the protection of individual rights.


These observations about governments infringements upon civil society remind me of a video that I made last year:  “The End of American Civil Society?”  In part, I observed:

In our foreign policy, the US correctly identifies the want of a vital civil society in other countries suffering under authoritarian governments. A civil society being the aggregate of those institutions of free association acting independently of the government. The co-optation by government of independent associations generally leads to the growth of extremist religious organizations as the principle channel for expressing political dissent.

If we recognize that an authoritarian state contradicts the requirements of man to live as man, how does that condition develop? There is recent historical precedent of liberal democracies transforming into authoritarian regimes, who strangled civil society with governmental controls. I refer here to European fascism.


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