In response to failures in existing government run health care, some doctors will be posting signs on Monday, which state in part:  “Effective immediately, this office can no longer afford to accept, see or treat any new Medicare covered or Medicare associated insured patients…We will continue to see established Medicare patients in the near future, but this service may also be eliminated if the government does not repeal these cuts soon.”  It is well worth reading the entire sign as it explains the reasons.  [HT:  Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine]

Speaker Pelosi demonstrates why Democratic legislative leadership has failed despite having had a super-majority in the Senate, when she said, “A bill can be bipartisan without bipartisan votes,” and about her own performance this year, “I think I get an A for effort.”  Having demonstrated her failure as a leader, the House Democratic caucus should depose her well before the fall elections as she intends to take her colleagues over a cliff.  I thought that maybe I had gone to far with the cliff remark, but then I read that the Speaker had said on ABC that members should vote for health “reform” inspite of it leading to their defeat in the fall.  Will the lemmings follow?

In reviewing symptoms related to the President’s decline, Victor Davis Hanson omits the more fundamental cause.  Candidate Obama was selected by the super delegates to be a congressional spokesmodel, without an independent agenda and power base.  Essentially, they selected an empty suit to occupy the presidency so that the legislative branch could run wild, as it has.  Because he lacks an independent self in his utter selflessness, the President’s personal references (I, my) in speeches ring hollow.  Obama lacks the personal characteristics that John Adams identified as necessary in the singular executive.

In 1924, H.L. Menchen wrote, “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality.” [HT: Bradley Harrington]

At History News Network, Michael Kranish is rehashing and lending credibility to claims of cowardice against Thomas Jefferson, while he was Governor of Virginia in the Revolution.  Having almost completed Dumas Malone’s Jefferson and His Time, I am aware that the myths about Jefferson’s cowardice as governor have already been refuted.  Ironically, during the War of 1812, Alexandria was surrendered without a fight by one of the individuals guilty of furthering these erroneous claims for political ends.  I am amazed how historians are apt to, and teachers repeat to their students, uncritically reserect Federalist propaganda which has been debunked by serious scholars.

According to Leonard Peikoff, via Peikoff Facebook Fanpage, “The most eloquent badge of the authentic Objectivist, who does understand Ayn Rand’s philosophy, is his attitude toward values. An Objectivist is not primarily an academician or a political activist (though he may well devote his professional life to either or both pursuits). In his soul, he is essentially a moralist or, in broader terms, what Ayn Rand herself called ‘a valuer.'”  Interesting quote in that I have described myself for years as a “passionate valuer.”

Via the Loving Life Facebook Fanpage, Craig Biddle wrote, “To the extent physical force is used against people, their ability to function as human beings is impeded if not eliminated. If the force is total–such as in the case of a person being tied to a tree, or held at gunpoint, or placed under house arrest, or carted off to a concentration camp–the…n it precludes the possibility of human life altogether. And if the force is partial–such as in the case of a person being defrauded, or a doctor and patient being legally forbidden to contract with each other, or a software company being legally forbidden to produce and market its goods according to its own judgment–then it retards human life to that degree. In any case, when physical force is used against a person, he is unable to act fully according to the judgment of his mind; thus, he is unable to live fully as a human being.”

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