The New York Times article on the 2010 Index of Silicon Valley report notes a decline in vitality and points to green technology innovations as the path to salvation:

The report’s authors said that green technology could be the way out of the region’s, and perhaps the nation’s, downturn. From 2006 to 2008, patent registrations in green technology in Silicon Valley increased 7 percent. From 2004 to 2008, green jobs increased 24 percent.

Note the wishy-washy wording of that initial statement:  “could” and “perhaps.”  It could and perhaps be likely NOT to actually happen in reality.

Further, the metrics of small patent growth and significant job growth in green technologies actually correlates a decline in the Valley with an increased focus on green, as in enviromental ideologically driven decisions instead of dollar driven.

The article cites two points that make environ-green unfriendly to Valley revitalization:  (1) the large capital requirements of such projects, and (2) locals failure to attract federal dollars to the area through the politics of pull.

I hypothosize that the venture captialists are attempting to recover from their misinvestments in green fantasies as their investments in such companies declined 37 percent last year.  Hopefully, this experience will help them distinguish between the initiatives that are green according to enviro-doctrine and those which are green by dollars.

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