Myrhaf at The New Clarion provides advice to the Democrats, after their recent electoral defeats.

Essentially, he observes that the New Left’s efforts to remake America according to their vision through the regular Constitutional processes have failed; therefore, their only hope to achieve their dreams are to manufacture a major crisis so that regular processes can be subverted in a tyrannical power grab.

In fairness, I observe that he does not support the New Left agenda and that the recommendation is tongue-in-cheek to say that they should be consistent and unmask their essential selves.

Taking a more charitable approach to the Dems as a whole (instead of simply the New Left Dems), I commented with the following advice:

Before the MA election, I thought that the Democrats were approaching the overreach of the Federalist, which led to their political oblivion beginning in 1800. The election of Brown may have saved the Dems from that fate.

My prescription for the Dems:

1) sack Pelosi as Speaker, as her “leadership” precipitated the Bush-Obama recession,

2) pass significant deregulation legislation, as the Dems did in transportation during the 70s, and

3) Obama needs to hire some grownups for the White House staff to teach him to be President instead of simply being the congressional spokesmodel.

My prescription for the Reps:

Embrace the economic policies of Thomas Jefferson and Albert Gallatin, who substantially reduced the debt of the United States by eliminating specific programs, offices, and taxes.  Such a program would undermine the spoils system associated with appropriating federal money to political supporters as occurs today.

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