You may have noticed that Words by Woods is undergoing a spring sprucing.

Taking advantage of new themes created by PRODOS, we are now brought to you in the very sharp looking “Gather Your Thoughts 05” and feature 10 widgets along the right of the page.

Further, I have activated some plug-ins to:

  • enrich your commenting experience with better editing options,
  • add the capacity for you to respond to other commentators within the comments, and
  • enable you to subscribe to track comments on a particular post.

On the side bar, I have added:

  • a text box for quotes that I fancy at that time,
  • a search box to content on the blog,
  • a feed of recent comments made by you all,
  • a feed of Top Stories that I flagged from my Google Reader subscriptions (see #2 below),
  • a feed of recent posts from the Objectivist Blogger group (see #2 below), and
  • lots of new links that I track through my Google Reader subscriptions.

As the spruce continues there are a couple of issues that I am aware of, which will be fixed as soon as possible:

  1. I have not yet moved six links in the general Links group to either the Activism or Objectivist Bloggers group as appropriate, and
  2. The RSS widget is not correctly parsing the link location for the “Top Stories” and “Obloggers” feeds, as a temp work around removing the trailing URL for the website that was appended to the item location.

For example, instead of:

edit the URL to become

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