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Blame the Conservatives

Victor David Hanson pillories unprincipled Conservatives for creating our current economic and political problems.

However, he missed something important, so I commented:

One critical omitted Conservative fault is their efforts to insert religion into government.

In this, they have embraced the pagan Plato, while rejecting the separation between church and state advocated by St. Augustine and Martin Luther.

This corruption undermines the distinction between activities that should be performed by free association within the civil society instead of by government.

Unfortunately, that last sentence should have had some revision:  “This corruption undermines the distinction between activities that should be performed by free association with the civil society and those that should be performed by government in defense of individual rights.”  Yes, that is better and clearer.

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  1. You seem to have missed everything VDH said and replaced it with your limited view. I know of now conservative who advocates a state religion. What some conservatives do advocate is positions that are formed by their beliefs. Two examples would be abortion is murder, nothing in the Constitution requires a ban on religion in the public square, and evolution is neither a complete or adequate explanation of the origin of life.

    Now, we have similar issues coming from the left. One prime example is the religion of man made global warming. This religion is being used as a front for more government control of the people and the economy and an excuse to raise additional taxes. Another religion is Keynesian economics. Keynesian economics has never worked, but now there is the blind faith that it will this time. Another example is the belief that centralized government control of the economy will work better than decentralized control in the hands of the individual. But, centralized control has never worked, either. In furtherance of this, we have the left claiming (and lying) that we have laissez faire economics. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have the SEC, Bank examiners, a ratings agency monopoly created by the SEC, and Federal deposit insurance which encourages risk. The examples are legion.

    So, if you are going to complain about the intrusion of faith into government by conservatives, you ought to consider removing the log from your eye first.


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