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Generation We

As the baby boomers retire into the sunset of relevance, a new demographic wave is ascending. This June the largest cohort of high school graduates, the first crest of the Echo Boom generation, is scheduled to matriculate into adulthood.

The below video describes the political agenda that this organization attributes to this new potential political force.


There is so much wrong in this presentation.

How is it that Generation We is better educated when they also claim that our educational system is failing? Possibly, not better educated in logic? Meanwhile, they continue to be outperformed by students in other countries.

This video demonstrates that this generation is better indoctrinated and less in touch with reality.

Their agenda is the creed of a thug, if they use enough force then they can will their whims into existence.

Update 1/20/2009: Myrhaf at The New Clarion has made some additional insightful comments about this video.

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  1. What will be especially interesting to see–for very personal as well as general intellectual reasons–is what will happen when these two currents mix:
    1. The great majority educated in a cognitively disintegrative educational environment.
    2. A minority educated in a few cognitively objective schools (such as the Van Damme Academy and to some extent general Montessori schools).

    The situation offers the potential of both great peril and great opportunity for the objective minority.

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  2. As a member of this generation (I had to resist the temptation to insert “supposed” or “alleged” into that phrase), I have to say that while the video has high production value, it does not speak for me or most people I know. I’d have to say that its claims that “we” are independent are one of the primary things it gets right, which perhaps explains why it only only dares to try to push one issue after the long speech about revolutionising everything.

    That one issue is, of course, presented with a wholly inappropriate solution, but that’s the trend du jour, so it’s to be expected almost regardless of the target audience. It seems that Democrats have found a way to care about the environment while letting Republicans care about foreign policy in one fell swoop, so there’s little enough to be done about it except praying for moderation. Besides, throwing money at your constituents has always been a bipartisan affair.

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