I have made my first post election YouTube video addressing my failed prediction from nine months ago that McCain would win based upon historical trends in presidential elections.


** Draft Video Script **

No vids posted since the election. Does that mean I’m ashamed because McCain failed to perform as I predicted? No, it is because I have a life, driving Ms. Daisy. Some points about the election:

1) To all those commentators playing reporter, I know Obama won. There are these new fangled inventions like the internet, television, radio, newspapers, and smoke signals from countries around the world blowing up. I got the message.

2) To all those commentators that say that I should satisfy certain homo-erotic fantasies that Obama has about me, I don’t think so. Despite her ideas, I think that Obama really loves his wife; so, he ain’t looking for anything on the down low from me. You on the other hand just need to understand that I am not interested in you and that you will need to find your special fella somewhere else.

3) For those that say I don’t know what I am talking about, I observed that media accounts often followed my vids with professional pollsters and university professors echoing my analysis. On my point regarding historic trends, this analysis was echoed by a Yale professor, except that my analysis was more substantial in linking events to the consequences of ideas instead of his shallow reference to maladministration.

4) Did I have any ulterior motivations? I confess that the shallowness of this election so bored me that I bet on the outcome just to manufacture artificial interest in the contest. So, I had to cook dinner…enchiladas….it was a big hit; she encouraged me to make more outlandish predictions, so that I would have to make dinner again.

5) While I would have predicted McCain’s win just to piss everybody off that was so freaking afraid that Obama would lose, I honestly was just playing the percentages by following the historical trend. In retrospect, this was hope on my part that the evil ideas Obama represents had not become ascendant. However, I did explicitly state those opposing ideas in my March vid “Election was Always McCain-Obama, But McCain will Win,” so my head wasn’t in the sand; I just hoped Americans had not sunk so low.

6) What is the worst thing that I said about Obama, that people objected to? I said he would lose. I did not even say that I wanted him to lose.

However, when I compared him to Richard Pryor’s character in The Wiz and Marion Barry, there was not a peep of protest [see my February vid “The Wiz – A Refutation of 70s Black Archetypes“]. Probably went over the simpletons’ heads so let me restate in summary:

Barack Obama is playing the role of The Wiz, as his voters believe that, by following the yellow brick road to the Obama, they will be able to get their brain, or heart, or courage, or gasoline, or mortgage paid by him simply gifting it to them. The Wiz represents the politicians who deliver empty rhetoric instead of Justice.

7) Conversation from after the election, with a high school senior, who had become interested in following the news recently:

“Are you happy that Obama won?”
“No, I’m happy that McCain lost.”
“Everyone at my school is for Obama?”
“Do you know that Obama has a plan for mandatory unpaid community service. High School students will be required to work unpaid for 50 hours at a school approved job or not get their diploma. College students will have to do 100 hours.”
“I didn’t know that. That totally sucks. With school, work, and dance, I don’t have time for that. Mandatory, unpaid, WTF?”

Note: Dance is her vocation, not her hobby; will Obama compel her to eschew it to salve the soars of the unworthy? If you voted for Obama, that is what you supported? Don’t tell me that you didn’t know! You did not want to know.

Perhaps Obama is unaware of the 13th Amendment (an idea rejected by Democrats) and that mandatory community service is a punishment for a crime. At least, he has not followed the Oklahoman theory by proposing compelling parents of public school students to perform mandatory community service….yet.

8) I haven’t finished thinking through the implications of this election.

I suspect that other than an empty suit that the Presidency is for the moment vacant. The House is ascendant and will set not only domestic but also foreign policy. It will be as it was between Obama and Congress during the bailout proposal with Obama following orders and playing the role of congressional press secretary. Can the design of that wise constitutional architect John Adams protect us? In the long term perhaps, but only if we merit it.

At this point the election looks to have been about a single issue: SACRIFICE; as directed by the Bush precedent. Obama said that sacrifice must be compelled because it would not be offered freely. McCain said that sacrifice should be voluntary, but compelled if not given freely. America selected the most consistently evil candidate instead of the arbitrarily evil candidate; not a wholly irrational choice. No candidate offered an integrated moral political program appealing to Justice and Freedom as is consistent with man’s properly selfish nature. The ideas creating this calamity is a combination of subjectivism and altruism transmitted through the public schools in a recursive cycle of decay until the ignorance and incompetence of the electorate has reached this point. Note, this last point is not a criticism of Obama exclusively, as it apply equally to McCain, but most importantly to the people that made this ridiculous choice possible.

9) I have started blogging again. Ten entries in the last week; mainly focused on YouTube videos. Follow the link on the side. Subscribe to my RSS feed to receive more.

10) And finally, look out because I need to get my Obama bashing out of my system before Inauguration Day, when I feel compelled to respect the office, so be on the look out for upcoming vids about that international superstar Barack ‘THE WIZ’ Obama. If you thought I pissed you off before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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