Last February, I posted a YouTube video on one of my favorite movies ‘The Wiz.’

I described how the movie refuted black archetypes from the 70s by rejecting collectivism and advocating individualism.

The Crows represented the Gang, the chorus collective, that enforce group identity.

The Scarecrow represented the Bookworm, the intellectual, who transforms from repeating others’ ideas to interacting with reality and developing his own thoughts.

The Tinman represents the Hustler, who wastes away in the pursuit of false and ephemeral values, but revitalizes once he develops the heart (or I would say head) to truly value.

The Lion represents the Militant, who is hard and brash on the outside but without substance and courage on the inside; through the discovery of his values he learns to act virtuously and with courage.

The Wiz represents the politicians who deliver empty rhetoric instead of the results of Justice.

Dorothy, the teacher, acts as a catalyst to move characters from stereotypes to viable individuals. She represents the promise of education to advance individuals beyond the circumstances of the 70s ghettos and housing projects.


In this video, I make reference to the parallel between Obama and The Wiz. The campaign and his election has only reinforced that link in my mind as his voters believe that if they will follow the yellow brick road to the Obama that they will be able to get their brain, or heart, or courage, or gasoline, or mortgage paid.

For that reason, I rename our president-elect Barack ‘The Wiz’ Obama; the panacea in which his true believers see the fulfillment of their whims by his simply gifting it to them.

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