Speaking at AEI prior to the election, Newt Gingrich stated that the election was about performance and not ideology. As Gingrich remains influential in American politics based upon his past electoral success, his comments merit consideration, and rejection.


Characterizing the past election as about the failure of Republican performance in office misses a more fundamental point about why Republican performance fails and why the “Drill…” slogan struck a cord with the electorate.

“Drill Now…” is a concrete appeal to rational self-interest, SELFISHNESS; which is a fundamentally moral stand.

Our unpopular President consistently appealed to sacrifice, the destruction of a greater value to achieve a lesser value; which is evil.

Following Bush’s led, the 2008 election was about sacrifice. Obama said that sacrifice should be compelled as it will not be made voluntarily. McCain said that sacrifice should be voluntary, unless it isn’t freely given, and then it should be compelled.

The American people selected a man who would be consistently immoral and rejected the one who would be arbitrarily immoral. Why? No candidate offered an integrated moral political program appealing to Justice and Freedom as is consistent with man’s properly selfish nature.

Performance is a consequence of ideas and Republican failure is a consequence of contradicting ideas. Until Republicans reject sacrifice as a moral ideal and a mode of politics, they will become an persistent and ineffective minority again.

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