In the spirit of the Ming Dynastyand Hadrian, there is a renewed movement in the world to wall lawless violence out. Americans are to extend fencing along our southern border [1]. Now, Kuwaitis are building a fence along its border with Iraq. As Palestan looks more like the gang ruled prison city from ’Escape from New York’everyday, I expect to see the Jordanians join the Israelis and become the next fence builders.

Defense (8/11/2003)

Image Source: Cox and Forkum

[1] Note: The principle cause of the lawless violence on our southern border is our idiotic immigration laws, which must be reformed to facilitate more legal immigration. I agree with Harry Binswangerthat we need “phasing-in open immigration into the United States. Entry into the U.S. should ultimately be free for any foreigner, with the exception of criminals, would-be terrorists, and those carrying infectious diseases.” Just in the same way as unworkable economic regulation in Latin America fosters the underground economy, our current system of unworkable regulation that obstructs legal immigration creates the current lawless environment. Don’t blame the immigrants; blame the law’s author Ted Kennedy and his strange bedfellow defenders, conservatives.

According to Wilfred Cantwell Smith, “The fundamental malaise of modern Islam is a sense that something has gone wrong with Islamic history. The fundamental problem of modern Muslims is how to rehabilitate that history: to set it going again in full vigour, so that Islamic society may once again flourish as a divinely guided society should and must.” Note to Muslims, Step 1: check your premises as Islam is the problem not the solution. Independent of external influences, the current civil war within Islam demonstrates that the community’s obedience to Mohammad’s ideology does not result in civil peace. As the Russians had to recognize reality’s punishment for adopting a false ideology of revealed truth, it is time for Muslims to abandon Mohammad and return to the source of their cultures past achievements, Aristotle.

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