A new item for my wish list: Motivation in Education by Lisa VanDamme. From the product description, “Properly understood, education consists of training in the knowledge and skills necessary for one to function as a mature, informed, rational adult, i.e., to efficaciously pursue a fulfilled human life. Knowledge is practical and selfish and to fully grasp any item of knowledge is to understand its power to help one achieve values in the real world. Proper motivation consists, first and foremost, of demonstrating the selfish value of knowledge.” My high school Sophomore frequently expresses her dissatisfaction with compulsory public education by lamenting its complete disconnect from her current and future life.

Evan Weiner has an excellent article explaining how Senator Arlen “Thug” Spector’s idea of antitrust prosecutions of the NFL would destroy the league and would have the opposite of its professed goal by resulting in less broadcast televised games. The history of how Congress passed a law to protect individual rights for the NFL by blocking the impact of arbitrary court action via antitrust was instructive. Imagine if we had a Congress today that respected individual rights and would do more than ignore the Senator’s bill but instead make everyone exempt from antitrust persecution.

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