Who is the Capitalist of the Year?

In the past, Secretary of War Rumsfeld was worthy of such honors, but thanks to his subordination to the policies of a misintegrated President not this year.

There have been several individuals who have really distinguished themselves in important ways this year.

John Allison for prompting the teaching of ethics in business schools and propagating lending policies against theft via eminent domain.

Dana Berliner’s work advocating the protection of property rights from eminent domain has dominated the political debate on this issue.

Yaron Brook continues to be a strong public advocate for capitalism in the media across a broad range of topics while at the same time being fully engaged in the educational outreach to bring Reason to the Echo Boom generation.

Edward Cline completed publication of his Sparrowhawk series of novels, which dramatize the ideas resulting in American independence. As literature, these novels infuse the reader with the experience and choices that faced the Founding generation.

John Lewis has not only continued his aggressive advocacy for a correct war policy but has had his past statements and criticisms proven to be correct.

Prodos Marinakis expanded popular intellectual inquiry and advocacy through various projects including ThinkertoThinker and the Solid Vox network, and his personal activism in Australian politics.

Nicholas Provenzo continues to do the necessary organizing and development that is below the waterline today but will produce substantial progress in the future.

Lee Sandstead has been inspiring and brilliant in his rediscovery and broadcasting of forgotten art treasures of the Capitalist era.

Lisa VanDamme has done breakthrough work in education reform.

While I encourage everyone to consider worthy candidates and pick their own favorite, my choice for Capitalist of the Year 2006 is CRAIG BIDDLE, publisher of The Objective Standard. His new publication and sponsorship of important public lectures has created an important forum for the aggregation and dissemination of ideas promoting Reason, Justice, Freedom, Production, and Achievement.

Update 12/30/2006: Reviewing the list of honorable mentions, one name standouts out as an omission on my part for not being there: Andrew Bernstein.

Because his excellent book The Capitalist Manifesto was published in 2005, I did not consider that achievement within the 2006 class. While I did not name my personal judgments for Capitalist of the Year in 2004 and 2005, in retrospect, Dr. Bernstein earned the 2005 distinction based upon his book and continuous advocacy of capitalism as the solution to political problems around the world.

Image Source: AndrewBernstein.net

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