Back in early October when I painted a Rosey Scenario for the Green Bay Packers (then 1-4) to make the playoffs, I am sure there were questions about what was in the Kool-Aid I was drinking. After they dropped games to the Bills and Jets, I was ready to put Rosey to bed.Â

But after a seasonal sweep of the Vikings and an outbreak of parity in the NFC, the Packers have published the following Rosey Scenario:

How can the Packers get into the playoffs? There are various ways, but the most likely scenario is for all of the following to happen between now and Dec. 31:

–The Packers beat the Bears to finish 8-8;
–The Giants lose twice, to the Saints and Redskins, to finish 7-9;
–The Falcons (7-7) lose once, either to the Panthers or Eagles, to finish 8-8, but behind Green Bay in conference record (7-5 to 6-6);
–The Rams (6-8) lose once, either to the Redskins or Vikings, to finish 7-9; and
–The Seahawks (8-6) either win once OR the 49ers (6-8) lose once, so that Seattle wins the NFC West and is not in the Wild Card picture.

So this weekend, Packers fans should also cheer for the Panthers to beat the Falcons, for the Redskins to beat the Rams, for the Seahawks to beat the Chargers, and for the 49ers to lose to the Cardinals. Any or all of those would also help Green Bay’s chances.


I am happily surprise with the progress that the youngest team in the NFL made this year. Beating the Bears and thereby going 5-1 in the division would be the cherry on top. I did not anticipate that the running game that the Packers needed to go to the playoffs would be Ladell Betts of the Redskins. Seeing another Packer playoff run would be a happy fantasy. I might as well go all the way and hope for help to the running game over the off season. And, don’t forget a return run next year for the Ironman. More Kool-Aid, please.

Now, Saints! Now, Redskins! Now Panthers and Eagles! On, Vikings! On, Seahawks! On, Cardinals, and Lions! To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall! Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!

Update 12/25/2006: The naughty and nice lists from Sunday-

NiceÂÂÂ –> Saints, Carolina, Cardinals
Naughty –> Redskins

Since I am in a benevolent mood, ‘Skins can redeem themselves against the G-men next week.

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