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Quick Hits 11/21/2005

DoubleLight is pitching their new tunes to the music suits. Oh, pregnant anticipation ready to pop! I will just have to retire to the Assembly of the Wondrous HeadÂand observe the rain and Sun play in the DoubleLightÂwith our friend Kid Quick.

New dollar coins. Again !?!? Looks like the mint got it right this time as America wants Presidents and symbols of our values like Lady Liberty on our money, not more affirmative action creations. Personally, I wish they had done a series on Fed Chairman to remind us why the dollar has devalued over time. At least with the first coins, we will be reminded of real American Presidents, but will the political parties identify their recent shortcomings in time for 2008.


Image Source: U.S. Mint

Personally, I like congressional oversight. Unfortunately, the demagoguery performed by our legislators does not qualify as oversight. The General Accountability Office has published to congressional leaders a 42 page recommendation of subjects for oversight. With the show horses out of the barn during their trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, perhaps the work horses can focus on those issues related to making the government work better, hopefully by repealing prior stupid legislation that created unworkable and wasteful systems. Streamlining FISA procedures anyone?Â

Ouch, and double ouch. Brett Favre leaves the Packer game on Sunday unable to score and worse unable to grip a ball; then, Aaron Rodgers breaks his foot. Holy QB breakdowns, Batman! Can Don MajkowskiÂstill suit up to backup the IronmanÂon Monday? At 4-6, Rosie Scenario ain’t left the building yet, but if she does soon at least she will depart saying “Better than last year young ones.”

Thank the U.S. State Department that their second favorite terrorist group, the Hezbos, were not eliminated by Israel so that NasrallahÂcould pull his stooges out of the Lebanese government and threaten to destabilize Lebanon until the Hezbos get veto power. What geniuses thought of the save the Hezbos policy, probably the same ones that helped restore Chavez to power in Venezuela? Foggy Bottom, home of the gang that can not think straight. [In addition to below, see B&WW III pages 134, 135, 137, 138, 139, 140, and many more]ÂÂ

Disproportionate Response II (8/20/2006) [a.k.a. B&WW IIIÂÂp. 141.]Â

Image Source: Cox & Forkum

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