Last night, while most waking individuals were thinking about an explosion, I was considering an implosion. What is wrong with the Green Bay Packers? Are they really one of the worst teams in football this year?

Thanks to a victory over the woeful Lions, who consistently remains as the NFL’s worst franchise, the Packers are 1-4. But I note that their losses were at the hands of the four NFC division leaders. In two of those games at home, they competed until late turnovers sealed their fates.

So, it looks like they can beat bad teams and compete at home with good teams, but find a way to loss in the end. What does that mean for the rest of the season? It could be mediocre or maybe even adequate.

With the bye week, there is some time for considering if this season can still have a best case scenario.

I will make the bold prediction that after the 11/5 game against Buffalo that the Packers will be 4-4. Their next three games are against teams with losing records: Miami, Arizona, and Buffalo. If they can not sweep those games then the only thing left to look forward to is draft day with a high pick.

So if they can get to .500 by mid-season, is there even a chance at the playoffs. Three more losing opponents (Jets, San Francisco, and Detroit) give the Packers a shot at seven wins.

As usual, the key to the season will be the games against Minnesota. If the Packers can split, that will get them up to eight wins, but they really need to sweep Minnesota.

On 11/19, the Packers will have an opportunity to prove that they can beat a good team at home when they play the Patriots.

On 11/23, the Packers will have an opportunity to show whether it is even worth them going to the playoffs as a wildcard by playing at Seattle.

If the Packers can go 2-2 in the games against Vikings, Patriots, and Seahawks, they will still need another win to have a good shot at the playoffs, which leaves the last game of the season with the Bears, who showed the Packers no love in week 1. If the Bears are resting starters for the playoffs, that will improve the Packers chances, which over the remainder of the season looks tenuous at best.

Rosey scenario has the Packers going into the playoffs with a wild card bid as one of the hottest teams in football by going 9-2 in the remainder of the season. However, in the next four weeks, the bubble could burst on this fantasy.

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