It has been common to credit Ronald Reagan with winning the Cold War, and I have done so myself.

Last Saturday, C-SPAN radio broadcast a speech to the Young America’s Foundation by former Attorney General Ed Meese and long time aid to Ronald Reagan on the 25th anniversary of 1981 Tax Recovery Act. ÂIn commenting on President Reagan success in dealing with the Soviets, Mr. Meese credited his time in Hollywood dealing with the communists there, and that during that experience Mr. Reagan conducted significant opposition research regarding the communists as the basis for his future anti-communist efforts.

When a discussion combines Hollywood and anti-communism, I inevitably think of the contributions that Ayn Rand made in creating the intellectual foundation for opposing communism in Hollywood, where she provided intellectual leadership to the anti-communist Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. Through her work with the Alliance, Ayn Rand wrote the Screen Guide for AmericansÂ(1947) and Textbook of Americanism (1946), which contrasted the communist efforts with American ideas.

In a 1966 letter, Ronald Reagan said that he was “an admirer of Ayn Rand.” Both Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee (1947) on communist infiltration into Hollywood. Given Mr. Reagan’s professed admiration of Ayn Rand, their concurrent efforts in opposing communism in Hollywood, her intellectual leadership on this issue in Hollywood, and Mr. Meese’s crediting this period in Mr. Reagan’s life with American victory in the Cold War, I find it credible that Ayn Rand was directly the foundation for the ideas that won the Cold War. I wonder if any research has been done to strongly substantiate this link between Ayn Rand’s ideas and those effective actions of President Reagan in facilitating Soviet implosion.Â


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