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Bloodstomper Threatened Me! What to do?

In response to my Geneva-Man post, I received a threatening comment from someone named Bloodstomper who has many, many, many comments around the internet. His or herÂcomments do not appear here because I did not approve them. However, omitting some portions such as libelous accusations of my committing crimes,Âthe comment was essentially:

“I wish I could personally torture you and all of your friends–and your mom! Yes, I know you did it, and I would love to torture you until you confessed. Then I could torture you some more! I need to torture you really, really bad. You might even die, so I really need to torture you until you confess!

I’m not sure what to do at this point as this guy or gal seems absolutely insane based on‚ the comment. Do I contact Yahoo about a TOS violation and find out how to obtain his information in order to forward it to the police? Could his ISP help me track him down through the IP address? Should I call my attorney for some advice?

UPDATE 9/17/2006: From research on other posts, it seems possible that Bloodstomper is either a woman or a frustrated transvestite that calls himself Barbie instead of Bill.

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  1. I’d inform the police or FBI. Bluster is one thing. This is something altogether different.

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  2. Hi Jim,

    You seem to have touched a nerve. As I have suspected for some time this system of blogs is being watched and it is under constant attack by hacker/crackers.

    I don’t know if there is much we can do about it. we can only keep working and fixing and hold our nerve. It’s flattering in a sick sort of way that terrorists consider our little group a threat.

    I think we should take appropriate precautions, of course. But consider for a moment. You stuck something sharp in these nit-wits ribs, we should consider a death threat a trophy, You cut through the Stear to the heart of the issue, distracted them from other things. Do not fear these cowardly bullies. We have not yet begun to fight.

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  3. maybe its this blogger: XXXXXXXXXXXX [link removed by editor]

    I received a mindless rambling on the wonders of Liberalism from a bloodstomper barbie. Her profile says she’s 21 yr old, but she probably is some obese, frigid woman….or some guy with a sexual identity problem. Yeah, report her to the FBI.

    I found your blog while searching the name bloodstomper.

    Take Care.

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