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Old Posts on Steve Ditko

In recommending some of the comic book work of Steve Ditko, I searched for some old posts I had made on the subject:

    From Woods Workbench, “Spiderman 2”

    From GMUOC’s club website there are three posts, search for the title below to find them in the archive:

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  1. Thanks for the information about “Mr. A.”

    I’ve never heard of him before. Very interesting.

    Are the Mr. A. comics online or only hard-copy?


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  2. Unfortunately, my experience is that Mr. A comics are too hard to come by.

    My favorite place to look is on eBay; usually I look for “Ditko” or “Ditko Package” or “Ditko” plus some character. There is a lot of Ditko work out there as he is the master illustrator. However, my favorites are the ones he both writes and illustrates. Unfortuately, I understand that he used pseudonyms for some of his writing.

    In addition to Mr. A, I like Static and I am interested in looking at “The Hawk and The Dove” and “The Question.” Some collections that I recommend are the “Ditko Packages” (don’t have them all yet), the “Ditko Collections” (I have and recommend both vol 1 and vol 2), and “Avenging World”.

    Here are a couple:

    Mr A #1

    Avenging World (original 1973 comic, not recent collection)

    Safest Place in the World

    Here is a collection of 5 comics, one of which I don’t have but it looks interesting

    Unfortunately, no packages or collection at eBay right now but you can always check back.

    I think I will post some reviews of some these pieces.

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